Black Mountain Rentals services may be a little different than other property managers.


We pick up the rent on the first of every month. Tenants are contacted the day before rent is due so that they remember we will be coming by.  Actually visiting the property helps to identify any potential issues and helps to know if the tenant is taking good care of your property.  In person visits provide us the opportunity to see if there are any issues or concerns that may be present.

I do a thorough background and credit check. I don’t just pay a service, but also check on Facebook and other social media to see if there are any issues we should to be aware of.  I also call all previous landlords (usually not the last one) to check their integrity.

Thorough criminal background checks are performed on all applicants.

Credit checks are run and salaries are verified on all applicants. Bad credit will not necessarily keep someone out of a home, but debt to income ratio is seriously considered for security deposit requirements.

Having owned rental properties gives me a leg up on qualities that make a great tenant. Your home is treated exactly as I treat my own rental properties.


In Addition:

I have been managing properties for over 20 years. My husband (and assistant), Kyle and I work as a team, in tandem, allowing prompt service to owners and tenants alike. If there is an issue that I cannot get to right away, he is able to get there quickly.

If eviction is necessary, (which proper screening can help to avoid), I take them to court and work on getting judgments against the tenant. I also make sure it goes on their credit report.  I have not had to evict anyone in over 18 years.



Our “in-house” maintenance service will always be called for a minimal fee when appropriate. If a licensed contractor is needed for further assessment we will go by your required on file preferences to ensure the situation is remedied quickly.  We will decide together at contract signing as to what kind of issues warrant calling a contractor.