Black Mountain Rentals  -  Property Management Services:



Advertise and Show Property for Rent

· Determine the best rental rate for your property – this requires working knowledge of the local market

· Effectively market your property by advertising on websites (which also includes Craigslist and Facebook), newspapers and by using a sign in the yard.

· Field calls from prospects with property questions

· Personally accompany potential tenants to view the property


Screen Tenants

· Use tenant screening website. Charge lessee (not owner) a $40 application fee for the background check.

· We look for judgments against potential tenants from other landlords or property managers and other “red flags”  that would suggest the tenants could not pay the rent                                   or have done damage to other properties.

· Provide prospects with rental applications that are legally compliant with Fair Housing Laws



· Sign and fully explain rental agreements to tenants (1 year leases are auto renewable)

· Property walk-through and written inspection to note any issues

· Sign lease, lead based paint disclosure, smoke detector agreement and hand over keys

· Send copy of rental agreement, tenant name and rental rate to owner within 5 days of move-in.



· Personally pick up the rent on the first of every month - this avoids “the check is in the mail” issues.

· When picking up the rent we have the opportunity to inspect the property and ask if there are any issues that need to be taken care of – this can help with any future liability                           issues if tenant is harmed on the property

· The rent is due on the 1st, the rent is late (with a late fee) after the 5th and tenant will receive Pay or Quit papers on the 6th.

· Pay or Quit papers will be served in person (with a witness) AND by certified mail

· We will handle complete eviction proceedings (as your agent) through the whole eviction process.



· Accept written notice of nonrenewal from tenant

· Give tenant a move-out expectations sheet and explain what is needed to have their deposit returned.

· Meet with tenant to receive returned keys and go over move-in/move-out inspection sheet.

· After any non-covered repairs, return deposit to tenant within 30 days.

· Re-key locks and put property back on the market for rent.



· You will have access to a portal and mobile app to obtain monthly and yearly statements

· Checks are mailed around the 5th of every month along with the rent less the management fee and any repair expenses.

· We can deposit the check directly into your account by ACH if requested.