We would like to take a moment to recommend Jennifer Holt and her services as property manager.  She has gone above and beyond in managing our home and caring for it while we have lived out of state.   It is such a good feeling to know that our home is being cared for so well and that when we are ready to move in again someday it will be ready for us.  Living out of state presents a bit of a trickiness in terms of paying our mortgage and home owner's insurance on time, but there hasn't ever been an issue.  Thanks to Jennifer's promptness we receive our rent checks in a timely manner so the turn around time for our bills has always been within our limits.  In terms of tax documentation there is paperwork monthly to show our rental fee and her fee on professional letterhead.  Her fee is reasonable and certainly worth the peace of mind.  Jennifer has been extremely professional in all of our dealings.  She never bothers us with questions or concerns unless it is something she feels she is unable to manage.  There was one plumbing issue in our home and she arranged for a fix (using a snake) and took care of it without having to hire a plumber and use our repair funds.  Jennifer is an excellent communicator and answers any questions that we have readily and thoroughly.

We also would like to highlight how pleased we were with her screening process and the drafting of our rental agreement.  She took everything into consideration and even helped us make some decisions on which we were wavering.  We like the fact that we can handle everything via email or phone.  It has been so helpful.  We just can't say enough about Jennifer.  You simply will not regret going with Jennifer as your property manager.   

Janelle and Nathan



When we decided to put our house up for rent last year, we asked Jennifer for advice. She had lots of good ideas about getting our house ready for the rental market and said she could find just the right family to occupy it. She was right. She worked hard to find renters who would respect and take care of our property and would be responsible about timely payments. We haven’t been disappointed yet. Jennifer Holt is easy to work with and communicate with and has done a great job.



Jennifer Holt is currently serving as our Rental Property Manager for our residential property located in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  As first time absentee renters, we relied on Jennifer's experience and expertise to guide us through the many issues and details involved in getting our home ready.  Less than two months after becoming "partners" with Jennifer on this rental project, she had a qualified renter agree to rent our property.  Jennifer took special care to make sure that the renter met the qualifications we were looking for.

Since then, Jennifer has acted as our agent in personally collecting the rent, dealing with maintenance issues when needed and other renter concerns and communications all the while keeping a watchful eye on our property.  Our rent checks have always arrived without delay.  We have always found Jennifer to be professional in her approach and willing to help when needed.  We are happy to recommend her.

John and Gail


Jennifer Holt has managed our 9 rental properties and has been our property manager for over 10 years. We are impressed by her dedication and professionalism. She is well
educated and North Carolina State certified in property management. She understands that our rentals are a big investment and a big part of our retirement income. On the first of every month she collects the rent personally and checks on property condition. When needed she inspects the property thoroughly and reports any problems
that might exist. This has prevented small issues from becoming expensive repairs. When a tenant calls about a problem she takes care of it promptly. The tenant then
understands the importance of prompt reporting of needed repairs. She often takes care of small repairs without charging us. Jennifer has a personal list of competent repair
companies that are anxious to please her. When needed she personally oversees the repairs.

Jennifer performs a detailed background check of all new tenants and looks back at least 2 previous landlords. She personally meets each new prospect and their family and is an excellent judge of character. She makes sure that the new tenant understands the terms of the lease and what is expected of them. Jennifer personally walks the tenant through the house inspecting for damage when they move in and when they move out. She is not shy about standing up to a tenant when the rent is late but is willing to help if the tenant is up front with a problem.

There are other companies in Black Mountain/Swannanoa Valley that manage rental property. None offer this high quality of personal care. Jennifer treats each property as
if it were her own and every owner like a friend. She is honest and straight forward and does not exaggerate just to get a new client. I have recommended Jennifer to other
rental owners. The plus is knowing that the best professional property manager is managing our property and we can set back and wait for the rental check to arrive.

Leonard & Gaye 


When we had trouble selling our house in Black Mountain, Jennifer from Swannanoa Realty came to our rescue and found a good renter right away. Since we had moved out of state, it was imperative that Jennifer also manage the rental for us, taking care of everything from a plumbing leak to seeing that the lawn was mowed. When it came time to sell, Jennifer stepped in for us again with a qualified buyer at the price we wanted. Don't want to know what might have happened without Jennifer!

Swannanoa Realty was able to do more than we expected! Found us a qualified renter and then a qualified buyer, and stepped in for us several times when needed. It's the "above and beyond" effort that we will never forget!